My name is Keith Tede.  I grew up on a lake near Kansas City, MO and have remained in the area for most of my life with a few adventurous, if brief, moves to other locations around the country.

Over the years, many things have influenced my artwork.  I remember when I was small, I went to Disney Land and was eminently impress with the Tomorrow Land Attraction.  There was an exhibit at that time (approx 1968) that showed what the world might look like in the future.  I remember, on a plaque near the exhibit, it said, “In the year 2000 you will see things that will amaze and astound…” and I remember thinking, the year 2000, it seems so far off.  I have mental images from prior to and after that experience which intrigued me also, from comic books, encyclopedias, magazines, television, etc., but that experience sealed my fate.  I would forever be amazed by all things futuristic.  Ever since the sci-fi bug bit me, I have gobbled up everything I could related to science fiction, the future, and the ultra-modern.  

I also remember as a child being very interested in insects…especially their faces and the joints on their legs and how different they are from our own.  I remember being amazed at the incredible abilities some insects have, a flea, for instance, being able to jump forty times their own height, and wondering what it would be like for a human to be able to jump over 200 feet into the air.  Animals also fascinate me and growing up on a lake I saw creatures like crayfish and catfish and gar that seemed almost pre-historic.  This broadened my scope even more, now ranging from pre-historic to futuristic…it made anything and everything possible.

In 1978 I got my first computer.  It was an Atari 64 (64k of ram…most handheld calculators have more memory than that now).  There was very little software for it and what was available was out of my price range.  So I painstakingly wrote the code in Basic Language to create images on the screen (no printer either).  That was all it took however for me to realize that digital imagery was where I was headed.  A few years later I got my first Mac (128k…black and white monitor).  It came with MacPaint and I thought I was in heaven. 

Today, even though I still use traditional media, I can’t image what my artwork would be like without Photoshop and Illustrator.

Thank you for your interest in my work…I hope you enjoy what you see.